Go Tigers!

Crothersville Elementary — A Grr-eat Place to Grow!

  • Principal – Mrs. Whitney Reinhart
  • Secretary – Mrs. Ginger Fisher

Crothersville Elementary Believes:

  • Indiana State Standards are the academic benchmarks determining student achievement. We believe that each student is important and is capable of learning these standards through the use of education research best practices.
  • Technology will become a cornerstone to classroom instruction and assessment.
  • Student academic achievement will be progress monitored throughout the school year and interventions implemented as needed.
  • We believe that parents/ caregivers and community are critical stakeholders in a child’s development
  • Crothersville Elementary is dedicated to the distributed model of team-based decision making. School improvement planning, implementation, and evaluating will always follow the comprehensive consensus-building collaborative process.

At Crothersville Elementary we dare to let our dreams roar like TIGERS as we strive for a quality education which emphasizes…

T – Teamwork  I – Improvement  G – Growth  E – Enthusiasm  R – Responsibility & Respect  S – Success

Crothersville Elementary School is an exemplary learning community that supports innovation and is committed to continuous improvement that fosters excellence for all students.