Welcome back!

I hope that you have had a wonderful and relaxing summer. The 2022-23 school year promises to be great as we set high expectations for learning and create new opportunities for all students. Our staff, teachers and administrators are beyond excited to engage, prepare and inspire your child for this year’s journey in education. They have spent countless hours this summer preparing the classrooms, buildings and curriculum to welcome students back. We pride ourselves on how much we care and desire the very best for all of our students.

As a school, we continue to improve all areas to benefit the culture of learning for our students. We feel that each child brings to school a unique set of gifts to share. We treasure each child and will work hard to ensure that your child learns, grows and develops into an independent learner.

With positive attitudes, perseverance and effective communication between staff and families we can strive to make 2022-23 the best school year yet. We look forward to filling our hallways once again with eager, smiling faces. 

~Chrystal Street, Interim Superintendent of Schools