Fall Break is October 10-14!

Be prepared for the First Day of School

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  1. Shop from the teacher’s supply list
  2. Sharpen all of the pencils
  3. Turn in forms on time
  4. Return to a school bedtime routine
  5. Prep for lunchtime by practicing how to open items in lunches
  6. Label all of your child’s things
  7. Keep reading at home each day
  8. Remind your kids that you expect their best, but that doesn’t mean perfection. Students learn from mistakes that are made, so bring on the mistakes!

Free Breakfast and Lunch

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Crothersville Community Schools will be offering FREE breakfast and lunch to ALL students for the 2022-23 school year. If you would like assistance with curricular materials, fill out a free/reduced application. Contact your child’s building for more information.