Crothersville Community Schools eLearning Option

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Please find information regarding the Crothersville Community Schools eLearning option. We highly recommend you review this information as it will look different this school year with many stricter guidelines from the Indiana Department of Education in regards to requirements for eLearning.

Please make sure that you have a phone number and a parent email in Harmony for communication purposes.

If you are interested in signing up for the eLearning option please call or email the following information:

  • Students Name
  • Grade
  • Parent Phone Number
  • Parent Email Address

Crothersville Jr. Sr. High School


Crothersville Elementary School


Tips to Help an Anxious Child

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During these uncertain times, anxiety can be popping up where it wasn’t before. Here are a few tips to help you and your child. 

  • Provide the opportunity for adequate sleep 
  • Serve healthy meals
  • Remind your child to drink plenty of water
  • Allow for downtime to decompress
  • Allow for outdoor free play
  • Exercise daily
  • Avoid avoidance (help your child face their worry instead of avoiding it)
  • Let your child worry (don’t say “don’t worry”, instead ask them to describe the worry in order to decompose it and show that it may not be necessary)