There will be no school Wednesday, November 23rd through Friday November 25th due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Registration is July 25

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Registration for the upcoming school year 2019-20 will be held on Thursday, July 25, from 12:00 – 8:00 PM in the High School Tiger Lobby. Everyone needs to attend this event so that all information is updated.

10 Social Manners for Children

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As we raise kids in this digital age, it seems as though manners can fall by the wayside. Here is a helpful list that can help serve as a reminder of what manners might be most important as children grow up. 

  1. Say “Please” when asking
  2. Say “Thank you” when receiving
  3. Say “Excuse me” after bumping into someone
  4. Put down your electronics when someone enters the room
  5. Look people in the eye when speaking
  6. Let others finish before you speak
  7. Shake hands firmly
  8. Say “Yes Ma’am and Yes Sir” when talking to grownups
  9. Greet people with “Hi” and “How are you?”
  10. Open Doors for others

Reading At Home over the Summer Increases Student Achievement

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Crothersville builds in time for students to read at school each day, but research shows that this may not be enough, especially over the summer. Students who read at home in addition to reading at school tend to have higher test scores. Here are some ways to incorporate reading at home this summer!

         *Read the cereal box each morning

         *Find a reading website or app that your child enjoys

         *Look up information about a favorite subject on the computer

         *Take regular trips to the library and join the summer reading program

         *Start a book club with friends

         *Model reading by reading in front of and to your children each day