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A new initiative by Crothersville principals aims to prevent students from having to wear the same clothing items to school multiple days in a row. Junior-Senior high school principal Adam Robinson and elementary principal Drew Markel started Community Closest, which converted a classroom into a place where students can go to get clothes, toiletries and food items.

The projected first gained headway when the principals spoke about it at their community meetings, which is when they started to receive monetary donations.

One goal of the Community Closet is to keep it as anonymous as possible. There is a camera in the closest, but no one stays in the room to monitor the children. This way, students can enter the closet without fearing that their peers might find out.

Thus far, the most popular items is deodorant. Currently the other toiletries offered are shampoo, soap and toothpaste. The project and the items the closet provides will continue to evolve as the principals continue to learn the students’ needs.