There will be no school Wednesday, November 23rd through Friday November 25th due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

ISTEP+ Testing Is This Month

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Attention parents: Indiana students will begin the 2015­-16 ISTEP+ exams soon. This is the first of what will be two rounds of testing. The final round coming in May.

Please help us ensure every student has the best chance to be successful on this year’s ISTEP+ exams.  You can help in these ways:

  • Talk to your child about the importance of the test — w e want a true assessment of their
  • abilities
  • Make sure your child has plenty of rest for the test — ­­a good night’s sleep before can
  • make a big difference
  • Remain positive about the test­­ — let your child know they can be successful, and they will
  • feel better about their chances to be successful
  • Don’t forget to ask your child about the test­­ — communicate with them that you want to
  • know how well they did on the tests

If you have any questions, please contact your child’s school to receive any clarification. Together we can make this a meaningful and positive experience for all our students. We appreciate all your efforts!

Digital Citizenship

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Crothersville is privileged to have access to technology in and around the classroom. With this privilege, comes a responsibility to use this technology in the way that it was intended. We call this being a good “Digital Citizen.” We expect staff, students and parents to uphold their role in creating good digital citizens.

As a parent or adult, you will need to set ground rules on technology use. In addition to this, monitoring media use and discussing appropriate sites to visit will help. It is also recommended that you know your children’s passwords and codes for their devices. Regularly checking their social online behaviors will help as well.

It is important for students to be aware of what acceptable online practice is. Students should avoid sharing or posting inappropriate images, sharing passwords, posting personal information and communicating with unknown numbers or individuals. Students can also be aware of suspicious behavior such as, being asked for pictures; being asked to use a webcam and being asked if they are alone. Students are also expected to refrain from cyber bullying such as spreading rumors or gossip, posting pictures of others without their permission, pretending to be someone they are not and threatening or harassing others.If students are aware of cyber bullying, they are asked to inform an adult immediately.

Students must be aware that once a picture, comment or file is placed on a public internet site, it’s out there forever and it cannot be taken back or deleted. It is more important now than ever that parents know what their children are doing online. Take the time to talk to your children about this important subject. For more information, please visit

The Benefits of Reading Books

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It is our goal that every student develops a passion for reading. We provide many opportunities on a daily basis for students to be exposed to a variety of texts. Every once and awhile we are faced with the question, “Why do we have to read?”  Here are a variety of ways to answer this question.

  1. Reading exercises your brain.
  2. Reading increases your ability to empathize with others.
  3. Reading improves concentration and focus.
  4. Reading helps develop creativity.
  5. Reading is entertaining.
  6. Reading provides knowledge and information.
  7. Reading enriches language and vocabulary.
  8. Reading reduces stress and puts you in a better mood.