There will be no school Wednesday, November 23rd through Friday November 25th due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Help Your Child Set Goals and Achieve Them

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In school, we often use the term “goals” with your children. How can we help our students beat the odds and achieve their goals at a higher rate than the 8% of Americans who will attain their resolutions in 2016? Consider these ideas you can also support at home:

Make the goal specific. The target needs to be very clear for your child. Help him/her clearly articulate what it is they want to achieve. Instead of a goal to get better at reading, the goal could be to better understand what is being read.
Set a short timeframe. Many goals fail because the timeframe is too long. Set small, specific timeframes (2-3 weeks) that can be more easily monitored.
Make a plan. Help your child figure out actions they can take to reach their goal. How will you better understand what you are reading? Will you write a summary after a certain number of pages? Will you ask questions as you read?
Adjust the goal. There is nothing wrong with your child adjusting his/her goals. Adjusting will be more successful than quitting.
Celebrate. Celebrate the small successes like sticking to the goal’s steps. There is something about acknowledging progress, even small progress, that propels us to keep at it and work toward the next small step along the road of attaining a goal.

Winter Can Affect How We Feel

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Indiana winters can cause you to feel down and sleep more than usual. Don’t be too quick to accept this as a normal part of like. You may be suffering from seasonal affective disorder. At school, we also see this in some of our students.

Not everyone is suffering from SAD, some are suffering from a less-severe form of mood changes called the “winter blues” If you think you (or your child) may be experiencing SAD or winter blues, you may try the following things:
*Expose yourself to sunlight whenever possible.
*Incorporate more physical activity each day.
*Socialize with friends, family and colleagues often.

No Bullying Policy

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The Crothersville Community School is deeply dedicated to the welfare and safety of all their students. Under no circumstances does the Tiger staff accept any form of bullying in our school whether verbal, emotional or physical. Effective bullying instructional methods and practices such as clear and consistent student behavior expectations, adult role modeling, close networking and communication with staff and parents, school-wide adopted discipline practices, after-school detention and  digital website cultivates a school environment that prohibits and protects our children from abusive behaviors such as bullying.